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Listen to And Not But Speak

Posted in Art, Materials, Recording, Sound by Brendon Bussy on May 27, 2011

I’ve been hanging out with the wrong sort, but it’s not been bad.

Francis Burger and Christian Nerf who operate on the sanding edge of conceptual art here in Cape Town invited me to contribute to their new installation at the AVA titled ‘And Not But‘.

They asked me to interact with its centre piece,  a sculptural form.  By talking to it.  And recording the conversation.

Here’s a working model of the chap at the centre of  the attention, ‘And Not But’  (the final version in marble, wood and resin can be seen here):

And Not But (wood, wood glue, incidental ballpoint ink)

Well as it turned out, I wasn’t the only one going to be doing the talking. And just as well you might say (for those who know me).  So how did we do it?

By attaching contact microphones to the sculpture’s various surfaces, I was able to record a variety of interactions – as we rubbed and spoke directly at it  (see pictures of the setup on Francis and Christian’s project blog).

The sounds produced were at times hilarious (Francis’ ‘groan’), at times intensely absorbing (the high frequency hiss of my hand on marble).  And Christian’s comments are always worth recording for posterity.

Have a listen to And Not But speak.

If you want to hear the complete recordings contact the AVA gallery to find out when Francis and Christian will be playing them.

Francis Burger and Christian Nerf describe And Not But as “an optimistic glossarium of ideas, objects, shapes and feelings – part teaching machine, part epiphanic fold.”  The project ends on the 10 June 2011 with a possible extension.

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