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How to Create Noise Makers with Personality

Posted in Design, Invention, Music, Workshops by Brendon Bussy on August 3, 2011

In early September Cape Town’s Out The Box festival comes to life. Its focus is ‘puppetry and visual theatre’ and presents quite an eclectic mix of performance media – the traditional plus all of the newer stuff (video, installation etc).

I’ll be presenting two workshops, one with Jori Snell – which explores sound and movement (read more about it here). And one solo which focuses on the nitty gritty of building and playing unusual string instruments, or more broadly speaking, ‘noise makers’ for use in theatre and life.  See below for the detailed info.  And if you need to know more, you can contact me directly.

Water Bottle & Sardine Can Segankuru (Zulu fiddle)

How to Create Noise Makers with Personality
Sunday 11 September
10h00 to 16h00 (6 hours)
Venue: Cape Town, venue to be confirmed

This workshop focuses on making and using unique and quirky musical instruments. Suitable for anyone interested in exploring the possibilities of hands on sound making as well as developing new techniques for object based theater.

Unlike modern musical instruments which tend to be lean and efficient machines, traditional world music instruments aren’t as hampered by the standardisation of the modern world.

Taking this as inspiration, workshop participants will learn basic techniques and then elaborate on them to create their own instrument inventions.

Using found objects and materials available from any hardware store, instruments will be created with unique musical and visual character traits – shrill, kind, bossy, comforting or even flirtatious.

And as an integral part of the design and building of their instruments, participants will explore the sonic and musical possibilities of their creations though hands on improvisation.

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