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Strange Neighbours at House of Joy

Posted in Events, Music by Brendon Bussy on September 19, 2011

Some time back I approached Kolade and Emma, to have a house concert at their home (the House of Joy) in Observatory, Cape Town. They very generously agreed. It went well and since then they’ve hosted at least one such event a month. It’s really grown with some high profile acts and good support. Well this month I’m back, this time supporting Masha in an evening of story telling using voice and sound this coming Sunday 25 September.

Antjie Donder - One of Masha's Strange Neighbours

Masha will dip into her new short story collection “Strange Neighbours”, bringing its menagerie of unexpected Capetonians to life. These include trolls with a taste for pepper spray, mermaids and mysterious roast chicken eating backyard dwellers. Brendon will provide the live soundtrack using his perishable and astoni…shing instrument inventions – Gourmet Harps and other noise makers made from the bits we normally throw away.

There’ll also be tales from other parts of the world, including the beautiful world of Inuit (Eskimo) legend. But beware: these are grown up stories. Dark secrets will be revealed in these stories with and without words.
Here are the details:

Venue: 6, Lower Trill Road, Observatory (
Date : Sunday, 25th September, 2011
Time : Doors open at 4pm and performance begins at 5pm.
Gate : A minimum Donation of R30 (for the performers).
Feel free to donate more

• Please bring extra cash for the delicious food and drinks which will be available before, during and after the show served on a first come first served basis. We’ll let you know a menu closer to the time.
• Please note that the hosts will ask you to remove your shoes at the door out of respect for the performance, so please make sure you have thick socks to keep your feet warm, and a cushion and blanket might also be useful…

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