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Land of the Underneath

Posted in Invention, Mandolin, Music, Soundtracks, Theatre by Brendon Bussy on September 30, 2011

After seeing our performance workshop at Out The Box, Caroline Calburn approached Jori Snell and myself to present a full length version of Land of the Underneath at the Inside Out festival(4-8 Oct in Observatory Cape Town). We agreed and Caroline also offered to help us a little by casting a critical directorial eye  (which turned out to be a real life saver!).

So after many late nights and bumping into tin cans (intentionally and unintentionally), Baba Yaga Theatre and Brendon Bussy are proud to present the new, fully enhanced, deliciously noisy and sensory adventure:

Land of the Underneath!

Suitable for 3 years to 100 🙂

Jori’s crown is played in Land of the Underneath

In ´Land of the Underneath’ a girl wakes up in a land where nothing is as it appears to be. In this land the not quite ordinary Noise Maker plays his instruments made of what we call ‘trash’, but for him they are magical objects. Together they discover a room full of delicious imagination where stories are born through objects and sounds come alive through playful movement. An interactive play inviting children of all ages to join the two characters on a journey of discovery.

Performance details
11am Tuesday Oct 4
2pm Wednesday Oct 5
2pm Thursday Oct 6
11am Friday Oct 7
12pm Saturday Oct 8

Venue: Theatre Arts Admin Collective, Corner of Milton Road and Wesley Streets, Observatory, Cape Town
Price: R20
Enquiries & Bookings: 021 4473683

For those of you who don’t already know Jori of Baba Yaga Theatre:
Jori Snell’s playful performances transform her versatile training in physical theatre, dance, martial arts, mime and butoh-related work into a very personal language, often inspired by a weird, humorous, and grotesque universe. Her company Baba Yaga Theatre combines physical theatre with fairytales, myth, poetry, special props and the creation of magical visual pictures. Her focus in her teaching is the unique expression in each individual, be it through theatre, dance, singing, or storytelling.

We’re very grateful to Caroline Colburn for crucial help with direction. A bit about her:
Currently running the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, a theatre centre in Observatory, Cape Town.  She’s part of an international team of artists that began Project Phakama back in 1996, that focused on creating site-specific theatre with large groups of young people and artists in communities at a local and international level.  At the same time she created the small theatre company Iindiza, the Mielie Stalks Theatre company with 5 other theatre makers that worked for 5 years creating new work which performed both locally and abroad.  Prior to that she taught at UCT in the Drama Department.

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  1. Uli Wahl said, on June 30, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    Hi Brendon,
    concerning your sawblade experiments:
    By the way, here I recorded the different modi of a real sawblade with a diameter of nearly one meter. Listen to the pure sounds when they finish working…
    [audio src="" /]


    • brendon said, on July 2, 2012 at 11:31 am

      Hi Ulli

      Those sounds are truelly amazing! I’d love to have access to such a large blade. It’s great when one starts listening and finding sounds in ‘non – musical’ places. I was recently at a saw mill and heard a series of clear intervals played simultaneously.

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