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Sounding Out: João Orecchia and other notable works

Posted in Art, Design, Electronics, Exhibitions, Invention, Music, Sound by Brendon Bussy on July 10, 2012

A few works which stood out for me at the (still ongoing) Sounding Out exhibition …

João Orecchia’s Small Worlds was a quiet contemplative work . A collaboration with pianist Jill Richards, the work consisted of three simple objects in a darkened room, each emitting a recording of a minimal piano work. Barely audible, it forced me to listen and imagine.

object 1

The darkened setting  reminded me of the slightly musty and intriguing interior of an aging local history museum, and the sound treatment of that process where homeopaths serially dilute a substance until very little of the original agent is left. A filtering where only a memory of the original remains.

object 2

The sound was produced by attaching a piezo disk to each object.  Resulting in each object as resonator colouring the sound in a unique manner. This solution linked sound to visual in a cohesive manner, an approach I felt more appropriate than the use of conventional speakers (speakers being the solution most would resort to without hesitation).

object 3

João Orecchia has also based his Invisible Cities Pirate Radio station at the venue for the run of the exhibition. For the exhibition, he collaborated with exhibition curator Kim Gurney to compile a unique playlist of sound artworks. I took part in this with a selection of urban inspired works.

Noted works I enjoyed listening to included James Webb’s Xhosa number station, Jane Rademeyer’s audio exquisite corpse and James Sey’s homage to ‘419’ scams (more info and artists’ cv’s here.)

exhibition visitors can tune into invisible cities using one of the basic portable radios cleverly clad in a plywood housing by raw studios

A few more notable works…

Lynette Bester’s artfully destroyed violin

Gordon Froud’s adapted bass drum with playable strings and hypodermic syringe needles (!)

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