Brendon Bussy

Rant no.1: There’s that pause and then (dah dah dah) The Other

Posted in Mandolin, New Old Old New by Brendon Bussy on February 5, 2010

Often I’ve just finished a performance or I’m somewhere at a social gathering talking music and someone will ask me:  “What instrument do you play?”.

A simple question, yet I hesitate. Because I know that trouble is ahead. It goes like this:

1) my answer:  “I play the mandolin.”

2) questioner pauses

3) questioner hesitates, then:  “Wow [or similar expression] that’s so cool”

4) I wait in (dark) anticipation

5) questioner again:  “You know, my grandad played the banjo”

6) me:  “Great” except I’m thinking:  “why do I have to know this ?!!!”

Every time.

Now you might think me unfriendly or even ungenerous to think such thoughts.  (more…)