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Listen to my Useful Sound

An overview of my most useful sound work created for performance, theatre, installation and sometimes just for enjoyment. If a track’s useful purpose in life puzzles you, have a look at my track notes for clarification.

[If online playback quality is unsatisfactory, please contact me and I’ll send you higher quality extracts]


Bassicle: A Turkish flavoured dance I wrote after listening to too much Turkish Saz music.  Arranged for Geoffrey Hyland’s 2006 production of 12th Night at the Maynardville Theatre, Cape Town.

Maskanda:  An exploration of Durban’s Warwick Triangle – where you can buy a leopard skin or a bootleg tape. I used field recordings and a mandolin melody reminiscent of the bass lines found in Maskanda – Durban’s Zulu rock ‘n roll. From my 2003 album Diesel Geiger – see here and here.

Jetty Square (extract): During 2005 I helped design wind resonators for artist Ralph Borland’s Jetty Square Sharks in Cape Town. As the life size sharks rotate in the wind, the resonators moan – a sound I used to create this headphone piece as an accompaniment to the installation.

Valpre’ Grind and Chop (extract):  Created using an instrument made from a plastic water bottle. For the soundtrack of Door, Jori Snell’s 2011 production for Janet Buckland’s Ubom!.  I used a table lamp and a few of my home made gourmet instruments for the rest of the tracks. Read about the making of the soundtrack and hear more sound samples here.

Corrugation (extract): An experiment with African poly-rhythm using two mandolins. One voice like the corrugations on a graded dirt road, the other skimming over that pattern.  This is an extract of a long shifting cycle. I play both mandolins.

Monotonous Mix:  A rhythmic exploration using very small slices of recordings of spoken syllables.  I used Ross Bencina’s software instrument AudioMulch to produce this track.

TDK: Dedicated to a friend, this is a solo piece for live mandolin and delay effects. I play the mandolin.

If Walls Could Talk Would They Sing?: Composed  2011 in collaboration with Renée Holleman for her exhibition installation  ‘A Novel in Parts’, in Cape Town’s old Woodstock Saltriver synagogue complex. The soundtrack tracks the evolution of the neighbourhood (Jewish to Islamic) and draws references from architecture. A detailed post about the project.

RAIN (extract): Created from my recordings of rain, this track was broadcast from the site of a building in New York which had been controversially demolished along with the inhabitants’ belongings and pets. A collaboration with Ralph Borland who asked me to create it for his work Clinton Street at the psychogeography festival Conflux, New York, September 2007.

Circus: The result of an afternoon’s jamming with mandolin and electronic effects.
“The clown has only one leg – the mandolin player assists”.

Drawing Machine (wants only silence, uses only lines):  During May of 2008 I created the ‘Drawing Machine’, a grid of suspended tube speakers which could ‘draw’ sound on a vertical plane. Visible through the gallery’s street display window, it was invisible, but audible, inside. BLANK Gallery, Boukaap, Cape Town, May 2008

[You can watch a higher resolution version here]

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  1. smstmCharles said, on June 25, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    Highly enjoyed!

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