Brendon Bussy


I’ve been running an ongoing weekly workshop since midyear 2013 with students from the Dominican School for the Deaf in Wittebome Cape Town. On Tuesday 5 of November we’ll be presenting a performance called Einstein. Read about it here.

About my workshops

I run workshops in a wide range of sound related areas:

–  practical hands on type workshops where invention takes place including the design of acoustic and electronic instruments and other contraptions

– digital skills such as sound production and editing and the use of a wide range of digital software tools especially Audiomulch

– sound design for theatre,  installation and interactive sound

– exploring conceptual skills for developing ideas for sound projects

– developing performance skills for the use of sound in live and improvised theatre and performance

And a range of  ‘traditional’  music skills including exploring rhythm and composition.

Read my workshop blogs here.  And view more documentation of my workshops here.

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