Brendon Bussy


Upcoming performance
Einstein – Sound is Slow, Light is Fast!

Deaf and hearing students perform a sign-song at the speed of light. Moving rhythms, kinetic melody and (not so) silent noise with a friendly nod to Albert E.

A collaboration between Dominican school for the Deaf and Cedar House. The result of a collaborative workshop run by Brendon Bussy, assisted by Liz Regnart.

The performance forms part of the Dominican school’s Arts and Culture day which will feature other dramatic performances and an art exhibition.

Date: Tuesday 5th November 2013
Time: Between 9 and 11am (there will also be other performances)
Venue: Dominican School for the Deaf (Wittebome).
6 Clare Road Wittebome.
Directions: The entrance to Clare Rd is opposite to Wittebome Station. Google map
No entrance fee

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